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July 13, 2003
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the Butchering
by jsenn

I felt
the tears burn behind my eyes
as ever so carefully
I asked the question.

Perhaps I knew the answer, but still
I had to ask.
Maybe, I thought, there will be concern
and care felt in the hesitation.

Confused and confusing,
confusingly spoken
staring unbelieving, listening

Asking why
searching for reason
knowing the answer will be certain.

Still I must ask
still I must seek
sense or peace.

Dawns the awakening.

Now it's done.
We breathe in slow motion silence.
Will you cry, I thought I heard you sigh.
I only imagined...

It began as a ripping
an excruciating rending
as the knife sliced downward through my center
carefully scraping my bones.

I wanted to wail,
such a painful motion this is
this tearing away of love
intrinsically woven
this cutting from the sinew
from the muscles, the very heart of my being.

Let it be over soon.

It's nearly impossible to stand
(I cannot stand)
It's nearly impossible to wait
(I want to run)
It's nearly impossible to stand and wait
for survival.

But, I do survive.
(we all survive)

Now it's over.

I rise tear stained

quietly turn and walk away.

Did you cry?

(I couldn't look)

Joy Senn
I wrote this in 2002 after watching a friend's delicate love relationship fail. Sometimes, when you think it's perfect it is not, and one must be severed from love. It is excruciating but necessary.

I sent the poem to argylekid and ask him to collab with me by creating an image to go with it. He's posted it here as Simple Truths (Thanks Brett)
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SkippyJr Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2005   Filmographer
Very good poem,
Nice idea,
I liked this one.
CageyButterfly Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2004
ramdom Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2004
~ moves me. this sorrow.
okpixel Featured By Owner May 23, 2004
delicate & heartfelt. at times, i feel like i shouldn't be reading. i love it when that happens.
amour-etranger Featured By Owner May 8, 2004   Photographer
that's absolutely gorgeous, wonderful job
geobyte Featured By Owner May 7, 2004  Hobbyist Writer


Okay, now that I've taken a moment to find the words to say...

This is just breathtaking.

"Confused and confusing,
confusingly spoken
staring unbelieving, listening

It was that verse when I was just completely swept off my feet and into the rest of the poem, falling down into the wonderful rhythm you have created with the sorrowful, beautiful formation of your words.

The spacing and structure was perfect in helping me feel all the emotions flowing through it.

I think that, as of this moment, this is my favorite poem of yours (but I haven't read them all yet!) really got to my heart with the delicate subject...

...You really captured how excruciating the pain of being taken away from love is.
sweet-cherry04 Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2004
I can't stop to think that in some way this is what I feel/felt. It's a really great poem, really emotive/emotional (?). I :heart: it ;P :+fav: Keep up the good work :D :peace:
Flutia Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2004   Writer
Your ability to resurrect a topic burdened by cliche and to endow it with renewed originality is unequaled; precision in diction, form, and implementation really make this work.
S--Tl-lE-iR0N-FisT-- Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2004   Writer
Like two poems in one, and you couldn't have picked a better title for either one of them. The first half i liked more for the subtlety and the underlying knowledge of what the title was without you fully confronting that aspect. Second stanza gets thumbs up too for the visceral approach and i loved the breakdown as we approached the end, with stanzas become shorter and farther apart. Excellent read.
changethecombo Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2004
this is so beautiful, there was this part..
"It began as a ripping
an excruciating rending
as the knife sliced downward through my center
carefully scraping my bones."
ahhh!!!!.. you can just feel it.
:+fav: this is awesome
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